Truck Stop Troubadour Volume 5-Magic

My parents were very strange.  As children we moved about eight times and each time we had to change schools.  Add to it the organic changing of, say, elementary to middle school to high school and the exact number of schools I attended from 1st through 12th grade is twelve.  One school for every year.  The summer of 7th grade going into 8th grade was the stuff legends were made of.  We moved from West Palm Beach to, of all places, Farmingville, NY.  This is also known as Suffolk County on Long Island.
A week or two elapsed and I met three girls who had all grown up together.  Deanna with the brightest, reddest hair you ever saw, Michelle the brunette who was destined for serious rebellion and Caroline who--yes, you guessed it, was blonde.  Within days, Deanna and I were "going out".   The four of us would walk up and down the block, get ice cream, and every so often Deanna and I would make out and I would lie to her about everything--most especially about my first twelve years on earth.
One night my older brother was hanging out with his girlfriend and her friend Sherry.  Sherry made a pass at me and, to put it bluntly, it was the first time a girl that "developed" and three years older than me for God's sake, came within my reach. I still remember staying up all night long and replaying that grape Bubble Yum inflected kiss over and over again until birds started singing.
I broke up with Deanna the next day.
The relationship with Sherry introduced my not yet developed mind into the world of "almost sex" and I was sure this was going to inevitably lead to the loss of my virginity.
Not so.  Four or five days passed in this euphoric manner and that Saturday at the roller rink, Sherry informed me that the guy she's been holding out for --literally for weeks---finally asked her out.  She was sorry but it was high time she moved on.
I came home and felt my chest caving in.  I put the last song of AC/DC's Powerage album on about twenty-five times. Bon Scott screaming acapella, "Two faced woman with your two faced liiiiiiieeeessss!!!"  Of course at that age I had a very primitive idea of the way karma worked but it definitely laid some groundwork.
I got over it and it wasn't too long before Michelle and I began secretly "going out"  and once again, my sexual awakening got off the ground.
By the time the bus was rolling down the block to pick all of us up for the first day of school, none of the neighborhood girls were talking to me.  In fact, they all despised me.  Loathed me.
This entire drama played out over the course of two months but it felt as if it could've been twenty years.
This phenomena finally made sense to me when I was listening to NPR one night a few years back and they had a special on All Things Considered about humans and their perception of time. The theory they propounded was that when one is stuck in the endless hamster wheel of life, involved in the same schedule, the same routine, week after week--time flies by.  One week just feels like the next.
The commentator said that if you want to slow time down, fill your days with novel activities and lots of them.  I understood this because I flashed on that not so magical summer of 1982.  Then the information was filed away and I went about my business.
That is, until this past Thursday when I was heading up to do the volunteer work I do every Thursday and I began to think about the rehearsal I did with Chris Macchia and Roger LaRochelle.  I was trying to figure out how many weeks had gone by since that rehearsal.  How long had it been since I got John Burdick's awesome review or since the Frankenstein Dog show at Dutchess Airport?
I was dumbfounded when I realized this was all only a week ago..
I can not believe at the age of forty six I have constructed a life for myself that goes head to head with my pubescent sexual awakening!
When I listened to the that show on NPR, I listened to it in the context of having had experienced this magic once and somewhat accepting of adulthood and it's natural doldrums.  But through getting motivated, through goal setting and self improvement--through motivational mumbo jumbo, I have created something not just really cool--but magical.
So to all my friends who have not been able to resist making Anthony Robbins jokes and self-help innuendos, I say this:  I have accomplished some earth shattering feats over the last six months.  And don't get it twisted--I am certainly not  filled with haughty pride or conceit.  It is actually a very humble feeling, almost as if I, too, am an observer in utter amazement.
But beyond any of that, I have actually managed to slow time down.
Let's hear it for a summer that will feel thirty years long--and no girls hating me by the time the buses start rolling again.

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