Truck Stop Troubadour- Volume 1: An Introduction

It all began this past November when my friend Chris recommended a TED talk to me-Anthony Robbins discussing why it is we do the things we do.  (Actually it all really began when a family friend introduced me to David Bowie and Iggy Pop in 1980 when I was just about ten years old, but that's another blog for another time).  Okay, yes, Anthony Robbins. Well it wasn't my favorite TED talk in the world but what it managed to do was bring me back to 2001 when I first discovered Robbins.  I got my first car dealership job as a salesman and his CD collection was available for loan in the conference room.  I had an hour long commute everyday, so I listened incessantly to his stuff and actually applied some of it to my new occupation.  This is not a commercial for Tony Robbins but I DO have to admit that I outsold every salesman in my second month (25 cars!) and earned a brand new Jetta turbo as a demo and made more money than I ever had before.
I didn't really reach my potential because at the time I was smoking cigarettes, drinking and using drugs (but that's another blog for another time).  The cognitive dissonance was too much to bear and besides I wound up wrecking the Jetta one morning, one hitter still clutched in my hand when I landed and needless to say, it was all downhill from there.
By and by, I began to re-visit all that Robbins material on You Tube, and this time .things were different.  I had over five years clean, I was a non-smoker, a vegetarian and all the cognitive dissonance was gone.  The first audiobook I listened to, he posed the question, "what is it in this world that you want more than anything else?"  I let my thoughts roam free and the answer was so obvious.  If I could have anything in the entire world it would be to live off my music.  To support my family with my music.
A lofty goal indeed, but that Robbins material just kept driving the point home--over and over--anybody can achieve anything they want if they make the decision to do so.  And then he parsed the word "decision".  Decision, is in the same family as incision--to cut away all other possibilities.  The "decision" to accomplish this does not simply mean "I'm gonna really try to do this".  It means "I leave myself no other possibility.  It does not matter to me how long this takes to accomplish.  I will accomplish this."
So I began asking myself important questions.  The most important one was "How can I get more people to listen to my records?--How can I get anyone to listen to my records?"
I mean, look, I believe in what I am doing.  I never spent much of my precious time hoping that people would like my songs or my voice.  My gut always told me that they will like what I am doing if only I could get them to listen.
So here I am six or seven months later taking stock of the progress I've made so far.  I recorded a demo to get gigs and a whole album of original solo acoustic songs--both produced and engineered by Jazz great Jamie Saft.  I got some airplay and an interview on MK's radio show on Woodstock's WDST.  I played at a new winery and I am trying to get a gig at a third winery.  I'm taking an online class on internet music marketing.  I booked a show at a new venue and actually was able to get a full room because I mailed personal letters asking people to come.
With all of these cool precedents, I figured I should occupy my time driving an eighteen wheeler, stuck in traffic asking myself intelligent questions.  How can I get people to listen to my material without begging and pleading? It finally occurred to me:
But not just any blog.  This one is going to have to be different.
First of all, I have a few friends that were blogging and the one thing they all had in common was they stopped after four or five posts. So the deal I've made with myself was that I need to work on a regular schedule with a deadline every week.
Secondly, I am not going to shove my music down people's throats.  The blog, by itself, needs to be entertaining.  Eventually the music will follow suit.  Right now, here at the beginning, I need to concentrate on being funny, intelligent, entertaining--whatever.  Just not boring.
And I hope to have all of you with me as I navigate through this new territory using the basic principles that always lead to success: persistence, perseverance, and creativity.
From here on in, all subsequent blog posts will come out on Monday mornings.  This one is special because it is the first. 


  • Rosemary
    I am in. I will wait for it.

    I am in. I will wait for it.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Jacksonville, NC
    You're one of the most insightful and creative people I have met. I look forward to your writing!

    You're one of the most insightful and creative people I have met. I look forward to your writing!

  • Eileen Shea
    Eileen Shea Brooklyn NY
    You made me laugh! And I have always loved that story about the jetta.

    You made me laugh! And I have always loved that story about the jetta.

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