When Sex Leads To Friendship

Photo by PHUOC LE on Unsplash

Last month, when my dating life seemed completely hopeless, I was on the phone with my friend who, among other things, is a psychologist. She coached me through my last major relationship and subsequent…


Fighting Our Demons

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

The phrase gets thrown around a lot. We use it to describe our difficulty with staying clean. We use it when friends of ours die unexpectedly. “They just couldn’t fight those demons.” But what…


5 Ways To Avoid Relapse

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The other day I saw a video of a man breaking the news to his son that his mother died of an overdose. Somehow the logic was that if people got to voyeuristically look at…


Is it a dating slump or just destiny? (Naomi B)

January and February in New York, as many people already know, can be tough. What was fortunate for me this year was that I signed a book deal in December, and it required me to write the entire 50,000-word manuscript…

TIMELY Jack Kerouac: 9 Mad Observations on Love.

During the long stretches through the Great Plains and much of the Midwest, I re-read Kerouac's masterpiece and discovered something about him that I don’t think I was ready for when I first


permission granted by co-creator Tania Katan

James Brown, at one time, put a great deal of effort in telling us that it is a man’s world. That was, of course, in 1966 — which was a long time ago. As…


It Was Never A Dress (TIMELY)

International Woman’s Day is approaching this Friday, March 8 and even though its earliest observance goes back to 1909 in New York, it wasn’t until over a hundred years later when Barrack Obama breathed new life into it that it…