Is it a dating slump or just destiny? (Naomi B)

January and February in New York, as many people already know, can be tough. What was fortunate for me this year was that I signed a book deal in December, and it required me to write the entire 50,000-word manuscript…

TIMELY Jack Kerouac: 9 Mad Observations on Love.

During the long stretches through the Great Plains and much of the Midwest, I re-read Kerouac's masterpiece and discovered something about him that I don’t think I was ready for when I first


permission granted by co-creator Tania Katan

James Brown, at one time, put a great deal of effort in telling us that it is a man’s world. That was, of course, in 1966 — which was a long time ago. As…


It Was Never A Dress (TIMELY)

International Woman’s Day is approaching this Friday, March 8 and even though its earliest observance goes back to 1909 in New York, it wasn’t until over a hundred years later when Barrack Obama breathed new life into it that it…

Five ways to tell he’s in it for the long haul

The last year and a half, for me, has been umm…different. In one respect I have had the unparalleled good fortune of watching myself grow into the person I feel I have always been meant to be; manifesting the wildest…

The Next Time I Get Naked

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I am different than most people in many ways — I work as a truck driver among other union truck drivers and yet, I am also a writer, a singer, guitar player, and songwriter…


Masturbation Is Underrated

Photo by Anthony Tran

There is really nothing more disconcerting than that need we sometimes have as humans to look at things we shouldn’t be looking at. Our ex-girlfriend’s Facebook and Instagram where they are sexily kissing their new lover…