Am I Still In Love With My Ex?

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Yesterday, hours after writing a post called “Thanks For The Advice?”, an email came through my personal website from someone who felt like they needed to tell me that, after reading a few of…


Thanks For The Advice?

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I have a serious love affair with writing. I use the word serious because, in addition to the sixty-hour work week I put in as a truck driver and the solo dad time every weekend…


Next To Me

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What might it be like to climb up a rainbow

To slide down from the sky to the bottom of the sea

To swim back to the surface on the tail of a dolphin


I don’t know.

I don’t know. I usually need to hear something to process it fully. I use the robot reading voice in Word to hear what my articles sound like before I publish them. But I think everyone takes information in differently…


Inside The Mind Of The Single Dad

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$30? Really? To take two little girls to a children’s museum? Alright…whatever. I know their mother told them to ask me. They would’ve never thought of this on their own. Oh my God…look at all these little…


In Defense Of Celibacy

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I am terrible with boundaries. I meet a woman, I like them, I begin to feel positive feelings and I become an open book — writing the most heartfelt love poetry, giving away my…


Gaslight Much?

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I do believe there are times in our lives when the universe conspires to teach us something. Generally, we are faced with a challenge and we rise up to meet it and come away…


Go Big In 2019

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I’ve been doing the blogging thing long enough to have definitely come across some pretty predictable patterns — so if you want to do well in this arena, listen up. I’ve got some very…


Confessions Of A Failed F*ckboy

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The loss of my virginity as a 16-year old was proceeded by one of the most traumatic events in my teenage life. When I say traumatic, don’t get me wrong: it wasn’t traumatic the…


Inside You

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Every ten minutes you’re pulling up stakes

You can hear the silly sound you can’t help but make

As you’re tossed to the side and your heart starts to break

The pain’s in the…