Maybe It’s Never Anyone’s Fault

Photo by Trym Nilsen on Unsplash

I don’t usually have a lot of time for quiet thought — my life has become a maelstrom of coffee swilling, bill paying, pitching articles, child visitation, truck driving, winery gigs, pep talks with my agent…


I tend to be a positive person.

I tend to be a positive person. What we learned very recently — especially with the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — is that ANYTHING is possible.


Anatomy Of A Faulty Lover

Photo by Warren Wong

Whatever the opposite of the word gregarious is — which I am having a hard time thinking of at this moment — that’s what my oldest brother was when we were growing up. He was dull and anti-social, but being the…


When We Walk Away From Those We Love

Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash

On this day six years ago, I was an inexperienced and apprehensive commercial truck driver delivering freight near Syracuse, NY when my phone rang. It was my girlfriend very calmly but with a noticeably…