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"Next time you hear an effective and affecting lyrics-first, narrative and nakedly personal songwriter like Billy Manas, just remember that this act of staying out of the way of the lyrics is a musical skill, not a literary one. Props where they are due." -John Burdick  Hudson Valley Almanac 

"Billy Manas has star power."  Woodstock Times

"Billy Manas is a very passionate guy who operates on many levels and all of this finds its way 
into his music." Poughkeepsie Journal

"You could say that Billy Manas gets straight to the point - his no-frills directness takes familiar songs and makes them his own - his locomotive acoustic guitar, exuberant harmonica, and road-worn voice are the touchstone of a seasoned troubadour."  Paul Higgins WKZE

Five ways to tell he’s in it for the long haul 

The last year and a half, for me, has been umm…different. In one respect I have had the unparalleled good fortune of watching myself grow into the person I feel I have always been meant to be; manifesting the wildest dreams from my childhood. I pounded that pavement in search of an agent and a […]

The Next Time I Get Naked 

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I am different than most people in many ways — I work as a truck driver among other union truck drivers and yet, I am also a writer, a singer, guitar player, and songwriter. I am extraordinarily sensitive, and I don’t go near power tools. Yet, I also am like a lot of other guys when it comes to my relationships with women. The pull of biology causes me to make less than wise decisions that I go on to regret soon after I make them.

In the past, if I was within striking…

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We Are All Just Little Bunnies Trying To Work Out Our Stuff 

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

I have been painfully documenting this minor cameo appearance by a very, shall we say, different woman who came into my life recently and I have to admit: I loved writing about it quite a bit more than actually living through it. If you’ve been out there trying to date, you know who and what is swimming in the dating pool, but this incident was way to the right of some kind of spectrum. I’m not really sure what, though.

Regardless, I did notice something extremely telling about…

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Masturbation Is Underrated 

Photo by Anthony Tran

There is really nothing more disconcerting than that need we sometimes have as humans to look at things we shouldn’t be looking at. Our ex-girlfriend’s Facebook and Instagram where they are sexily kissing their new lover, or both of them going on a family outing with our kids — this is the sort of thing that nightmares are usually made of. I recently experienced something even worse than this.

I had a two-week long friendship with a woman that was the most vexing, strange and…

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Flipping A Bitch 

Photo by Ben O’Sullivan on Unsplash

I was somewhere in Westchester yesterday when I wound up getting lost. Getting lost in a tractor trailer is a unique experience because it’s usually difficult to pull into a gas station and ask for directions. This is why you’ll usually see truck drivers making drastic maneuvers like leaving the truck in the turning lane with the four ways flashing while we go in search of valuable information.

I happened to see another trucker sitting on the side of the shoulder, so I…

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Am I Still In Love With My Ex? 

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Yesterday, hours after writing a post called “Thanks For The Advice?”, an email came through my personal website from someone who felt like they needed to tell me that, after reading a few of my articles, they agree that I should stay single for a little while. I wasn’t entirely sure how to react to that properly, so I sent a quick note back with the subject line, “Thanks?”

I thought that might be something that my ex-girlfriend would appreciate, so I texted her about it. She…

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Thanks For The Advice? 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I have a serious love affair with writing. I use the word serious because, in addition to the sixty-hour work week I put in as a truck driver and the solo dad time every weekend, I also make sure I am awake at the crack of dawn and at my desk every day. Every day. Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday — it makes no difference to me.

This is why I am always so perplexed when people read my stuff and take it upon themselves to offer me free advice. The only thing that is worse than…

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