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"Next time you hear an effective and affecting lyrics-first, narrative and nakedly personal songwriter like Billy Manas, just remember that this act of staying out of the way of the lyrics is a musical skill, not a literary one. Props where they are due." -John Burdick  Hudson Valley Almanac 

"Billy Manas has star power."  Woodstock Times

"Billy Manas is a very passionate guy who operates on many levels and all of this finds its way 
into his music." Poughkeepsie Journal

"You could say that Billy Manas gets straight to the point - his no-frills directness takes familiar songs and makes them his own - his locomotive acoustic guitar, exuberant harmonica, and road-worn voice are the touchstone of a seasoned troubadour."  Paul Higgins WKZE

When does Friendship turn into Emotional Labor? 

Seth Godin, on his podcast “Akimbo,” refers to “emotional labor” as a requirement in the field of customer service. In other words, when one is being expected to regulate their emotions as a tangible part of their occupation, this can be called “labor” in a very black and white way.

Friends with Benefits? Yeah…no. 

Consider it: two people---most often a man and a woman---are going to carry on a friendship and, in lieu of the common sexual tension that usually goes along with these types of arrangements, they are going to

5 Badass ways to Deal with Heartbreak. 

It would be somewhat silly to expect that we would be able to shut the door on all of our negative emotions and live happily ever after. Badasses cry. Badasses allow themselves to feel awful every once in a while.

When the Universe is Telling you to Stay Single—Listen. 

Perhaps I am in a period of my life where I need to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin, without having a beautiful woman to defer to as a gauge of my worth or definition of my character. It’s a thought.

The Post-Traumatic Stress we get from Toxic Relationships. 

I wanted, more than anything else in the world, to lean in and kiss her—and I couldn’t. I was paralyzed. She looked right back at me, and after a few seconds she said, “Wow. She really screwed you up, didn’t she?”

5 Ways to tell if we’re Ready to Love Again. 

I’ve spoken to many people in my day-to-day traveling that seem to surmise that it is a natural and intuitive feeling that comes over us when we know we are ready to love fully and completely again. I know, however, for some of us it’s not that clear. This is especially true when our biological imperatives seem to be stomping all over our emotional needs.

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