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"Next time you hear an effective and affecting lyrics-first, narrative and nakedly personal songwriter like Billy Manas, just remember that this act of staying out of the way of the lyrics is a musical skill, not a literary one. Props where they are due." -John Burdick  Hudson Valley Almanac 

"Billy Manas has star power."  Woodstock Times

"Billy Manas is a very passionate guy who operates on many levels and all of this finds its way 
into his music." Poughkeepsie Journal

"You could say that Billy Manas gets straight to the point - his no-frills directness takes familiar songs and makes them his own - his locomotive acoustic guitar, exuberant harmonica, and road-worn voice are the touchstone of a seasoned troubadour."  Paul Higgins WKZE

Anatomy Of A Faulty Lover 

Photo by Warren Wong

Whatever the opposite of the word gregarious is — which I am having a hard time thinking of at this moment — that’s what my oldest brother was when we were growing up. He was dull and anti-social, but being the oldest and my father’s namesake, my parents would generally give him the spotlight at the dinner table as he tried to relate an anecdote from his day. I’m telling you, it was painful. The guy had no sense of comic timing and no command of language, so it might’ve looked to an…

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10 Compelling Reasons Why Our Next President Should Be A Single Mom 

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

Now that the midterm elections have come and gone, radio, TV and social media will undoubtedly start to light up with talk of Presidential hopefuls for 2020. Hilary? Nah. Bernie? I don’t know. When I start to think about the great Presidents throughout history, I think about Lincoln, FDR and Kennedy — these were guys with a set of talents and characteristics that made them perfect for, what is likely, the most challenging job in the world. These are exactly the same talents…

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When We Walk Away From Those We Love 

Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash

On this day six years ago, I was an inexperienced and apprehensive commercial truck driver delivering freight near Syracuse, NY when my phone rang. It was my girlfriend very calmly but with a noticeably nervous inflection in her tone, telling me that our daughter — who we had already decided to call Gloria — was ready to show her face to the world. It was, like many delivery stories, exciting and stressful.

The first hurdle that needed to be overcome was that I was four…

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Your Achievements Don’t Define you…But Mine Do 

Photo by Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash

I have seen two TED talks, read 21 blogs and listened to five podcasts that all had the same somewhat self-righteous theme: we are so much more than the sum of our achievements. While I totally get the sentiment, for me there is something different going on. I, for one, am defined by my achievements — especially right now, at this point in my life. I wake up every morning and exercise, visualize and do affirmations. Then I read as many as twenty articles online…

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A Smudge Stick For Your Brain After A Run-In With Debbie Downer 

Have you ever found yourself in the unenviable position of wondering why you even called a particular person every time you hang up the phone with them? You know the ones I’m talking about, too. The ones who are so completely invested in making you feel a lot worse than you did before you spoke to them. These people are mysterious to me. I often wonder if they sit around their dinner table and boast about their talents to their significant others:

“You know who called me before? Billy. Yup, all excited about…

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5 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Internet Dating 

When I used to struggle with substance abuse as a younger man, there was this redundant theme that kept playing out over and over again. I’d swear off the lifestyle and try to live responsibly for as long as I could possibly stand it — and then, when I inevitably found myself returning to debauchery, I’d try to convince myself that “this time it would be different.” It was the most clear-cut definition of insanity that one could find — doing the same things and expecting different results.

I was fortunate…

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