Billy Manas

Up until the owners of The Coffee Plantation in Tempe, Az gave Billy his first paying gig in the summer of 1993, he had never played in front of more than a dozen people. That night, however, changed everything. Armed with no more than three or four harmonicas, a cheap guitar and a pedestrian knowledge of a handful of Bob Dylan songs,

Billy's life changed forever. "I walked home on that balmy night with a pocketful of money and a cute girl's phone number. My mission in life seemed pretty apparent." And so for the next twenty years he performed with his band Frankenstein Dog. There were countless gigs and hundreds of hours of recording but most of the highlights can be heard on the three albums available for streaming on Spotify and for sale at the shows and on iTunes and Amazon: "Don't Put Me in Your Movie", "Burst" and "Back To Busking".

Today, Billy has been playing most of the time as a solo performer-guitar, vocal, harmonica; but always loves to put together the most talented back up bands he can get his hands on. He also just released a new EP called "Snapshot of America" at Jamie Saft's Potterville International Studio in the Hudson Valley. Saft produces and puts some incredible Hammond B3 tracks on the songs and is joined by the area's hottest rhythm sections--this great band has been recently heard live on MK's Locally Grown on WDST and The Sloop Brew

In addition to this, Manas has grown as a writer.  Sometime in June of 2017, he began to publish on the worldwide mindfulness website Elephant Journal. It wasn't too long after that he became a dedicated columnist and finally a featured author. Other writing credits this past year have been with The Good Men Project, Yourtango and Urban Howl.

Also in 2017, Billy Manas began a self-help recovery book called "Kickass Recovery." The book is scheduled to be released by New World Library during the Spring of 2020. Immediately following this release, Manas will be touring everywhere he can with Kickass Recovery workshops.If you would like to him to come to your state, drop him a line!